Bev Dyck

Counsellor Profile


Bev Dyck, M.A. is married and she and her husband have four adopted children who are now adults. She is a gifted, professional Counsellor. She has a direct approach, yet is gentle, engaging, and interested. Her counselling is client-centred with a strong educational component – believing people will do better when they know better ways to do them. Her work is about promoting mutual respect and she works in a solution-focused way.

Bev has a Master’s degree with a counselling emphasis. She continues to take courses and seminars that keep her work relevant. She has created educational cards and DVDs to help in the counselling process.

She is a family counsellor who has been practising since 1997.  She has prepared and facilitated many Adlerian classes.  She also has done trauma debriefing and intervention in workplaces. She has developed a simple personality profile that can be helpful in finding one’s passions in regard to career fulfilment.  Bev is trained and equipped to help using Christian Counselling as well as secular counselling.

Bev works with individuals, couples, families and teens.  She works well with people of all ages.  Bev enjoys people and has a very connecting way about her. Children and teens love her and look forward to their sessions with her.

Bev has also been trained in the use of EMI – Eye Movement Integration. This technique is proving increasingly helpful in resolving trauma (recent or past trauma) and in intervening for long-time counselling issues.

Bev has personally struggled with depression and brings compassion to this. She has also personally experienced the mid-life struggle and is perceptive to the challenges this poses and has experienced a time of deep healing in her own life.

For relaxation, she enjoys her family, music, her garden and her grandchildren.

  • Welcome to the Garden...
  • Be Open... be Blessed
  • Sow the seeds of love
  • Take time to pause with gratitude
  • In times of need, there is ONE waiting to heal a broken heart
  • Wait for the beauty to unfold... in its own time
  • Waiting & aware – be still
  • Know that I am with you
  • Beauty of the soul comes with patience & care
  • Take time to smell the flowers
  • Beauty abounds... beauty surrounds